TAHIR AHMAD (Registered Herbalist)

      Only With An Appointment
                                            Natural Healing with Natural herbs                                            



1. Tahir’s Anti Inflammatory Formula (For inflammation of joints)

2. Tahir's Astrological Formula (For sleep deficiency)(tonify Spleen and Liver)

3. Tahir's Goldenseal Formula (For infectious conditions of the digestive tract)

4. Tahir's Rosemarinus Formula (For mental clarity and memory)
Improves mental and emotional health...
- Ends self-sabotage, increases motivation,
ends procrastination…
- Increases mental clarity, creativity, and learning…
- Dramatically lowers stress…
- Improves physical health…
- Increases happiness, inner peace,
and the ability to succeed.
- And the list goes on and on.

5. Tahir's Sore Throat Formula (For Throat Infection)

6. Tahir’s Curcuma Longa Formula (For Arthritis and Joint Pain)

7. Tahir’s California Poppy Formula (For Insomnia and Headache)

8. Tahir's Urinary Tract Cleanser (For Urinary Tract Infection)

9. Tahir’s Female Formula (For Female Problems)

10. Tahir's Ashwagandha Formula (For memory enhancement)

11. Have a Good Sleep Formula ( For Mental Fatigue)

12. Tahir’s Avens Formula (Antihaemorrhagic)

13. AHSANTA. 5HTP (Fibromyalgia and Anti Depressant Formula)

14. Tahir's Cold and Flu Formula

15. Immune booster Drops.

16. Tahir's St. John's Wort Formula

17. Flushta Formula

18. Tahir's Blessed Thistle Formula

19. Tahir's Flu Force Formula

20. Herbal Laxative Formula